Friday, July 13, 2012

2 Ethics Code in Instagram

It did not take long for Instagram to attract millions of new users. Recent reports, the company recently acquired $ 1 billion, Facebook has just recorded a milestone in the 50 million users.

This figure is a sharp shot, given in late April 2012, the number of registered users 'new' 40 million. Sure, its presence in Android also contributed many new users are.

Well, for the newbie who just jump on this popular photo app, it's worth listening berinstagram following ethics, which are summarized from several sources. This ethic should be done so as not to disturb other Instagram users and to be IG-er you are worthy to follow.

1.  Do not overwhelm the photo feed

In Instagram, quality is more important than quantity. Do not flood the feed to post photos taken from the same scene.
Choose just one photo stand out and use a filter that matches the following interesting caption. Avoid flooding!

2. Do not often 'narcissistic'
Uploading photos themselves can still be tolerated, provided this is done sometimes aka not too often. If you want to upload a self-snap, just use Facebook.

3. Create a conversation
Although Instagram basicnya is a photo application, but that does not mean you shut yourself from the conversation. When there is a comment on photos, reply with a positive response. Follower you will feel appreciated with the responses you give.

4. Be creative with a camera phone, not a DSLR

The existence of Instagram actually lead to more candid moment, composition, and a charming cast filter the captured image to the phone.

So, upload photos Instagram previously taken with the camera 'serious' like a DSLR, it is not recommended. Be creative with a camera phone you have.


  1. Provided this is done sometimes aka buy instagram likes spread not too often. If you want to upload a self-snap, just use Facebook.

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