Sunday, July 15, 2012

0 Pokki, The App Store for Your Computer

Pokki is an application store and platform for the desktop, inspired by mobile with Apple-esque design appeal, a free software download that brings awesome apps and games to your desktop.

The PC user need only install Pokki once to have access to “Pokkis,” the service’s web connected desktop applications, via the Pokki store. The Pokki store sits conveniently alongside installed Pokkis in the menu bar, where users are presented with a simple always-connected, yet browser-free way to interface with web content.

Pokkis look and feel much like applications you’d find on mobile. They’re built in HTML5, CSS and Javascript for a modernized web application experience.

Awesome apps, one click away and always on.

Keep up to date with everything on Facebook, Tweet without opening a browser, or view beautiful photos on Instagram. Never miss out on important updates or messages with real-time badge notifications.

Fun and addicting games.
Train mighty dragons on the island of Atlantis, battle never ending waves of medieval monsters, or try to take the house with a game of blackjack. The Pokki app store has dozens of games from puzzles, shoot 'em ups, and multiplayer social games.

And a built-in app store.
Discover and download hundreds of free apps and games in the Pokki app store. Search for something specific, or browse app categories, such as games, productivity, and social networking. Click once to download and install any app for free.


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